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YSL Judge Says Someone Smuggled Marijuana For Unnamed Defendant: Report

The RICO case involving alleged YSL associates has been filled with twists and turns. Eight co-defendants have already agreed to plea deals, including Gunna, and six others reportedly won’t go to trial because they haven’t yet secured attorneys. That means Young Thug and 13 others will face a judge and jury, and while the trial hasn’t officially begun, things are heating up in the courtroom.

We’ve been steadily covering the updates during the jury selection. Potential jurors are being vetted during the hardships portion of the process, and several have been excused. The judge recently ordered one juror to write a 30-page essay after they skipped a court hearing.

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Now, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Jozsef Papp has returned with another YSL update. On Twitter, Papp shared that “Judge Glanville announced there is going to be an investigation.” Someone reportedly attempted to smuggle in contraband.

They allegedly “brought clothing for one of the defendants with contraband (marijuana) in the shoes.” He further added, “Glanville said one of the defendants also refused with cooperating this morning (taking a shower and getting dressed) and defendants during transport yesterday were causing problems.”

Young Thug reportedly faces eight of the initial 65 charges set against the purported YSL affiliates.

“Mr. Williams has committed no crime whatsoever,” his attorney Brian Steel told ABC News. “We will fight this case ethically, legally, and zealously. Mr. Williams will be cleared.”

Those who copped to plea deals admitted that YSL was a criminal organization, while Thugger’s supporters state it is only a record label. There have been reports regarding the prosecution allegedly targeting Young Thug as the believed leader of YSL. If convicted, the rapper faces decades behind bars.

While Gunna seemingly enjoys his freedom, he has been a hot topic on social media. Both fans and the rapper’s peers have weighed in on his plea deal.




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