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Your January 2023 Horoscope

Buckle up, Earthlings: the cosmos are gearing up for chaos as we enter the new year. Communication mishaps will cause us to retreat to our comfort zones to lick our wounds—some older than others. The vibrating energy of a new calendar year will only heighten things further. 

However, just as this energy tends to dissipate over time, so too will the feelings of unrest and anticipation. The path that lies before us will become far less cloudy and overgrown as we gain clarity and direction later in the month. 

While every individual will experience the alignment of the stars’ differently according to their natal chart, some overarching celestial events will tangibly affect us all. Here are some of January’s most notable moments.

The December-January Transition

Mercury goes retrograde on the last day of December, ushering in the haphazard energy for which it is infamous. We always tend to feel the effects of inner planet retrogrades more closely. And considering Mercury governs communication, intellect, and reasoning, its retrograde impacts nearly every facet of our lives. 

Try to hold off on making any major decisions or commitments. The new year’s fervor mixed with interpersonal conflict could cause you to make an irrational or hasty decision. It’s also incredibly important to speak clearly and ask questions—now is not the time for misinterpretation.

Full Moon: January 6th Under Cancer

The first full Moon of the new year also promises to be potent. Cancer is the Moon’s ruling sign. When the constellation and celestial body align, they feed off each other’s energy. Expect emotions to feel intense and urgent, but try not to let them sweep you away with the tide.

Moreover, this full Moon will oppose the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Cancer’s ruling 4th House of Home & Family. Whatever emotional obligations we need to tend to, the stars urge us to do so in private. Keep your inner circle tight, and take great care not to air your dirty laundry to those with ill intentions.

Three Planetary Directional Shifts

Mercury retrograde might make the first half of the month more chaotic than usual, but the second half appears much calmer. Mars will go direct under Gemini on the 12th, sparking our motivational fire and restoring our self-advocate’s voice. Mercury follows close behind on the 18th.

Then, Uranus brings up the back when it goes direct under Taurus on the 22nd. This faraway blue planet has been retrograde since August, forcing us to reconsider our values and adopt new ways of thinking. As it turns direct, we can apply our internal efforts to the external world. But be careful—Uranus always has a wild card up its sleeve.

The Age Of Aquarius

Capricorn season makes way for an Aquarian age around the 20th, though the Sun will remain on the cusp of the two signs for several days throughout this transition. Still, the shift looks to be a significant one as both the Sun and a new Moon enter Aquarius simultaneously.

New Moons signal our bodies and spirits to rest, recharge, and observe. Despite the Moon reaching its darkest point, the ego-driven Sun will offer light in the form of mental clarity, easier decision-making, and hyper-creativity. The end of January will be a time for blending ego and emotion, not fighting one with the other.

Lovesick Fish Out Of Water?

Finally, Venus joins Neptune as the only two planets under Pisces. This celestial alignment can go either one of two ways: heartwarmingly romantic or devastatingly disillusioned. Pisces’ dreamy, sentimental spirit will undoubtedly rub off on Venus’ love- and comfort-centered focus. 

However, Neptune is also considered the Master of Illusion. When we’re under the influence of its energy, it can feel like we’re wearing rose-colored glasses. Everything might seem perfect on the surface. But remember to adjust your specs now and then to make sure your vision is unobscured. 

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