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Total Snoozefests: 17 of The Most Boring Sports To Watch

Sports should provide thrills and entertainment, but that isn’t always the case. A popular online forum recently discussed the most boring sports around, and unlike their subjects, the results make for interesting reading.

1. Little League T-Ball

Little League baseball, kids playing sports
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Never fear, regular Baseball is on this list. However, how painful is Little League t-ball when your kid isn’t the one on the diamond? Yeah, we know. 

2. Boxing

Luis Resto boxing Billy Collins Jr
Image Credit: Showtime.

Boxing isn’t inherently boring, but one member says that it can be when both fighters are in defensive mode. That said, boxing exists for entertainment, so it makes sense fans of the sport hold it to a higher standard.

3. Rowing

Rowing Sport
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

A competitive rower joined the discussion and attempted to make the case for his favorite sport. However, he quickly gave up, conceding that it was fun to be involved in but that rowing was the “dullest thing in the world.”

4. Motorsport

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Sport on four wheels also attracted negative comments. One forum member described the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix as “looking at scenery with commentary for two hours.”

5. Cricket

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

The British are coming back! Cricket is played in the U.S., but it’s seen as an idiosyncratic English sport. With the advent of Major League Cricket in 2023, Americans have the chance to see just how tedious it is.

6. Surfing

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Another contributor described surfing as “contestants just bobbing about in the ocean and commentators trying their best to fill in the gaps in the action.” Strangely, they also confessed to watching most major surfing events.

7. Golf

St. Simons Island Golfing at Sea Island
Image Credit: Sea Island.

Golf came in for its fair share of criticism and was described at one point as “TV to sleep to.” I would have to disagree here as it’s a top-class sport, with incredible scenery plus occasional shots of wildlife, including golfers dealing with trespassing gators.

8. Cycling

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

There’s a theme here. When viewers start to talk about the scenery, it suggests that a sport is boring. That is the case with cycling. However, one forum respondent recalls stunning views of the French countryside.

9. Baseball

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This is a contentious entry that splits debate, so who thinks baseball is dull? The admittedly fictional Homer Simpson once echoed the thoughts of a small minority, stating that he never realized the sport was so boring. The claims arose during his rare period of sobriety.

10. Soccer

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Soccer gets plenty of mentions, although most commenters refer to 0-0 draws. Many games have goals, but a defensive match can be dull.

11. American Football

Image credit: Shutterstock.

Want to ignite a hornet’s nest? Rubbish the national game. American football was supported on the thread, but one individual described it as “one hour of solid entertainment baked into eight hours.”

12. Sailing

Sailing Sport
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

The sport of sailing split the online community. One person claimed it’s worse now that the crews use AC40 Carbon Fibre Foiling Boats. Other readers may have fallen asleep responding to this forced point – we’ll never know.

13. Snooker

Snooker Pool Sport
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Like many sports that divide opinion, snooker is full of nuances, and some enjoy its intricate safety play. The issue is that many more viewers switch over in the search for something more exciting.

14. Water Polo

Water Polo
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

As one forum member stated, water polo is all about what goes on “under the water.” Tackling is a big part of the game, but you can’t see it. The play above the waterline seems to have underwhelmed most viewers.

15. Darts

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One contributor attempted to defend darts by talking up the role of the match referee. They “live to hear the guy yelling one hundred and eighty!” If that’s the most exciting element of the sport, darts is struggling.

16. Drone Racing

Drone Racing
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Yep, this is a thing. After viewing a match on ESPN, one commenter asked themselves what they were watching. Maybe the surprise isn’t that drone racing exists, but we should certainly be shocked that the main broadcasters choose to pick it up.

17. Fencing

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

We’re talking about a sport that sees competitors battle with swords, not the act of building a wooden boundary in your yard. Although, judging by the forum comments, the second option may be more exciting.

Source: Reddit.

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