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Taylor Swift Performs Anti Hero For the First TIme In 1975 Concert

Taylor Swift never compromises when it comes to giving dreamy surprises to her large fandom. And this time, she has done it again. Taylor performed the track “Anti-Hero” from her latest album Midnights. Read further to know everything about it.

Taylor Swift Surprises Again

Taylor made a surprising entry at the 1975’s show to perform “Anti-Hero” which is a super hit track from her latest album, Midnights.

It all happened on Thursday in London at the famous The O2. The fans were there to attend the concert of the pop band 1975. And then the magic happened.

Taylor surprisingly entered the stage and left the crowd in great awe. Her appearance was totally announced and was loved by everyone present there. It must have been a treat to the eye.

And then, Swift went on to perform “Anti-Hero” from her album Midnights. The notable thing here is that this was the very first performance of Midnights ever. And Taylor chose to do that in the most unimaginable way possible.

Not just this, Taylor had more in her purse. After performing “Anti-Hero”, she went on to treat the crowd with a rendition of the 1975’s “The City.”

Here’s a clip of her appearance tweeted by a media outlet, Pop Base. One can definitely hear the screams of the crowd as soon as they laid their eyes on Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift Made a Surprise Appearance at the 1975 Concert.

The startled appearance made by Taylor at the 1975 concert came after a few months of mutual public admiration between her and the pop band. Back in November 2022, Swift was mentioned in the interview with Matt Healy in 1975.

Matt said that Taylor was one of the few to hear their new record, Being Funny In A Foreign Language before it was even released. One more notable fact is that Jack Antonoff, who frequently produces tracks for Taylor and even produced Taylor’s album Midnights, also produced the 1975 album.

“We actually worked a bit on that but then the version of it never came out,” Matt mentioned in his interview. Nobody knows why the version never came out. “It was for reasons that are not to be criticized” as clarified by him. He continued the topic and at the end, called Taylor “amazing.”

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