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Take Everything: Aderrien Murry’s Family Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Mississippi Town, 11-Year-Old Speaks For First Time

Source: Nakala Murry / Nakala Murry

Money is no consolation for a life lost but consequences and repercussions are mandatory when public servants abuse their power and break their sworn oaths.

Last week BOSSIP reported on the shooting of 11-year-old Aderrien Murry in Indianola, Mississippi. Murry had called the police to come to help him and his mother as his father was at their house causing a domestic disturbance. When sheriff’s deputy Greg Capers arrived on the scene, Aderrien was shot in the chest. According to a new CNN report, Aderrien’s mother Nakala Murry has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city of Indianola, the police chief, several officers, and Greg Capers. The suit seeks damages, claiming excessive force, negligence, reckless endangerment, and civil assault and battery, and numerous other offenses.

The suit claims Capers’ actions “were so grossly negligent and reckless; utterly offensive; and were committed with such utter disregard for the rights of (the plaintiff) … as to amount to willful, wanton, and/or intentional misconduct.”

Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone is walking a tightrope in offering “support” for justice for the family while also not calling for the termination of Greg Capers.

Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone told CNN he would like to see justice for the child, but “cannot support the firing of (Capers) before knowing all the facts, and at this time I don’t know all the facts.”

Featherstone went on to say that he looks forward to “making everyone whole”. Aderrien is now publicly speaking about the incident for the first time since he was shot on ABC News/Good Morning America.

It’s hard to put into words how simultaneously sad and infuriating this story is. We just hope this child and his family can recover physically and emotionally from the damage that trash a** cop Greg Capers has done to them.

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