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Suzanne Somers says she ‘spoils’ her husband after shocking sex reveal

Suzanne Somers loves to give her husband of over 45 years Alan Hamel anything he needs.

In a new interview with First For Women, the 76-year-old actress discussed their decades-long union.

“We compliment and spoil one another,” the “Three’s Company” alum said. “It’s about honoring and respecting one another and giving your partner what they need.”

“He starts off my day in a romantic bliss, and we just try to keep it going,” Somers added. “Every morning he makes me coffee and brings it to me in bed.”

Somer’s comments came following her candid revelation that she has sex with Hamel about three times a day.

In 2021, the mother of one opened up on Heather Dubrow’s podcast that because of “hormones,” the lovebirds have had “a lot of sex” in recent months.

Alan Hammel and Suzanne Somers have been married since 1977.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“At this stage of life, most people think that’s, you know, over the hill, too much information,” she said at the time.

The ThighMaster inventor continued: “But what time is it, like noon? I’ve had sex with him three times so far today. What is it about 4:30 in the morning that suddenly, there he is? I’m going, ‘Could you just wait until the sun comes up?’”

God, our relationship has always been amazing,” she said. “But now that our kids are raised and it’s just me and Al, and we paid for the tuition, we paid for the weddings and helped them get their start – now it’s just us. Man, are we having fun.”

Alan Hammel and Suzanne Somers
“We compliment and spoil one another,” the “Three’s Company” star said.

The “Step by Step” icon also touched upon her marriage and how she keeps it going in another interview with First For Women.

“I realized that [in] a great relationship, you give each other a lot of attention, or why else go into the relationship? We truly give each other a lot of attention,” Somers revealed.

She said that her husband “loves the way I look” and “I love the way he looks.”

“I must tell him I love him at least 10, 20 times a day. I wake up and the first thing he says to me is, ‘I love you so much.’  So I start my day off in bliss,” she said.

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