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Supermodel Veronica Webb’s Hair Loss Treatment Regimen Is Surprisingly Accessible

Supermodel, beauty writer, and activist Veronica Webb broke barriers when she became the first Black supermodel to land an exclusive contract with a major cosmetics company, Revlon, in 1992.

Cultural norms and the fashion industry’s unfamiliarity with Black hair led to extreme styling over several decades, which has taken a toll on the health of Webb’s hair. That coupled with menopause, which she has been outspoken about for several years now, and a family history of female pattern baldness has led to hair loss and thinning.

But she has found some products and methods to restore her healthy mane, and she hopes to help others who share her struggles.

Veronica Webb’s Daily Hair Restoration Routine

On her blog Webb On The Fly, she describes her daily hair restoration routine, which includes a combination of diet, supplements, and key products and tools for a complete, holistic plan.

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When it comes to hair health, Webb doesn’t underestimate the power of nutrition. She points out that preventing hair loss and stimulating new growth begins with diet.

She never misses an opportunity to incorporate Omega-3 oils, either in a shake or consuming Omega-3 enriched eggs (we like this orange cream flavored Omega oil that is easier to digest than those giant soft gels).

Webb also tries to limit caffeine. Instead, she drinks lion’s mane “coffee” in the am, which is powdered mushrooms that is said to help increase focus and overall cognitive health. She also takes a shot of aloe vera juice which Webb claims “wakes up your brain” without the “crash or sleeplessness associated with coffee.”

With her shot of Aloe Vera, Webb takes Viviscal, the number one clinically proven hair growth supplement in the United States.

It’s recommended by top hairdressers, nutritionists, and dermatologists for promoting healthy, thick hair with its proprietary “Aminomar Collagen Complex,” along with other key ingredients including biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, and niacin. Studies have found that it promotes thicker, fuller hair in just three months.

Webb uses a massager shampoo brush for rejuvenating her scalp, which she says is vital to hair growth and health. In fact, she believes you should massage your scalp every time you shampoo to open pores and stimulate hair follicles.

If a supermodel says luxury brand shampoos and conditioners aren’t always necessary for quality results, we believe it. According to Webb, Thicker Fuller, a drugstore brand she swears by, makes thin hair feel thicker on a budget. With rosemary, keratin, caffeine, and biotin, this oldie but goodie promises to give tired tresses a fuller, lustrous appearance. 

Another cleansing and conditioning duo that Webb loves comes from clean beauty brand Love Beauty and Planet. This affordable luxury brand is perfect for those suffering from thinning hair—it provides thickness, body, and volume to thin hair as it gently cleans and softens.

When you’re ready to really invest in your hair regrowth journey, it may be time to bring out the big guns. The Hairmax Hair Growth Laser Headband is more expensive than the other items on Webb’s list, but she says it’s worth the investment.

It’s less expensive than hair transplants, she asserts, plus way more convenient and less painful. The device is FDA-approved, clinically proven, and takes just 90 seconds to use.

She also recommendsiRestore Laser Hair Growth Cap given it covers a larger area of the head with lasers powerful enough to make a difference.

Of course, the best way to treat hair loss is to figure out the root of the problem. Always discuss hair loss and thinning with your doctor to figure out the best plan of action for your specific needs. But if it makes sense to you, you really can’t go wrong with a supermodel’s haircare routine.

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