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Skip Bayless’ Damar Hamlin Tweet Causes Reactions From Stephen Jackson & Kyle Kuzma

Last night, Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffered one of the worst injuries the sports world has ever seen.

During the first quarter of the Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday (December 2), Hamlin collapsed on the field after making a tackle.

Damar Hamlin #3 of the Buffalo Bills looks on prior to a game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on September 25, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

The world was immediately sent into shock when the 24-year-old had to receive CPR for nearly 10 minutes following the incident. Reports indicate that he went into cardiac arrest.

Both Bengals and Bills players began surrounding Hamlin as this was going on. He subsequently left the stadium in an ambulance to take him to the University of Cincinnati Medial Center. He remains there, reportedly in critical condition.

As the world was awaiting an update on the 24-year-old’s status, Skip Bayless took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the league’s looming decision on the rest of the game. Evidently, everyone was seemingly in agreement that the game should be postponed.

“No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game – but how? This late in the season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the regular-season outcome … which suddenly seems so irrelevant,” the sports columnist writes in his controversial tweet.

Stephen Jackson subsequently took to his Instagram Stories to share his thoughts on the 71-year-old’s tweet. “You know what’s crazy? If it was Tom Brady, I guarantee you would’ve chose your words wisely. Somebody that’s been in journalism for over 40 years knows exactly what to say and how to say it,” says the former NBA player.

“We ain’t talking about an athlete that went into journalism, we talking about somebody that’s been in journalism their whole life. He never was an athlete. Not once was he an athlete. So journalism is his thing, just like basketball is my thing. He knows what he’s saying and when he’s saying it. He not getting no pass for this. But now everybody on his ass, now he wanna come with a lame ass apology. And don’t come on TV and say, ‘we can’t be insensitive to this situation.’ You wrote that tweet, nobody else,” he continues afterwards.

Additionally, Kyle Kuzma also has some choice words for the Undisputed co-host. “How come there is no repercussions for any of Skip Bayless’s insensitive things that he has said over the years?? Hmmmm….” says the Wizards Power Forward.

In 2020, Bayless publicly criticized Dak Prescott and implied that he was a bad leader for the Cowboys. This came after the Quarterback revealed that he had been dealing with depression due to the pandemic and his brother’s suicide. “I don’t have sympathy for him going public with, ‘I got depressed. I suffered depression early in Covid, to the point that I couldn’t even go work out.’ Look, he’s the Quarterback of America’s team,” he says in the clip.

Regardless, the 71-year-old has since apologized for his seemingly insensitive tweet. “Nothing is more important than that young man’s health. That was the point of my last tweet. I’m sorry if that was misunderstood but his health is all that matters. Again, everything else is irrelevant. I prayed for him & will continue to,” he clarifies.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Damar Hamlin and his family. Stay tuned to HNHH for any further updates.




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