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Shirtless Shawn Mendes Strips Down for Cold-Water Plunge on Christmas: Watch

How did you spend the holidays? We’re thinking you didn’t strip down to your underwear and plunge into an ice, frigid river. However, singer Shawn Mendes did just that. And, much to his followers’ joy, the 24-year-old uploaded video proof on his Instagram.

And it’s safe to say that this Christmas, Jack Frost bit at Shawn Mendes’ nose, toes, and everything in between. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter Shirtless Shawn confessed in a daring Instagram video that he celebrated the occasion by swimming in a chilly river — and as if that wasn’t cold enough, he did it while wearing nothing but his underwear.

Mendes and a buddy are seen in the video standing in the snow near the river, which is visibly coated with sheets of thick ice. The “Mercy” singer then takes off his jeans, shirt, and boots until he is left with only his black boxers, and he jumps.

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Here you can check out Shirtless Shawn Mendes’ Diving into the Cold Water.

The video begins with the Canadian native standing in the snow and taking a deep breath to brace himself for the icy shock. He swiftly changed out of his winter boots and wool sweater into his birthday suit, minus a pair of black boxer underwear, and hurried to the stream.

As he and his companion entered, the “Mercy” artist took the entire plunge.

“I’m going down!” Mendes shouted, burying himself in the water in a push-up-like action before rapidly rising and yelling about the chilly temperatures.

“It’s cold!” exclaims the Ontario native after plunging his head into the icy water.

Later, when he steps out of the river, his skin pink from the cold, he admits, “I can’t feel a thing.”

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Mendes captioned the outing.

Mendes’ celebrity buddies were taken aback (and impressed!) by his daring and couldn’t help but throw a few jokes in the comments area of his Instagram post.

“BLUE BALLS. LITERALLY,” wrote Ryan Tedder.

Meanwhile, Laverne Cox said what everyone was thinking. “I’m here for all of that as a viewer,” the 50-year-old Orange Is the New Black veteran joked. “I’m not interested in participating, but I support this as a quality Christmas in terms of substance. “LC has approved!”

For his part, Nash Grier wrote, “Can take the boy out of Canada, but can’t take Canada out of the boy,” while Sabrina Carpenter mocked his reaction. “Was it cold?” she wondered.

Mendes’ video comes nearly five months after the pop sensation abruptly canceled the entirety of his Wonder World Tour, which he had initially postponed by only a few weeks.

He said at the time that he wanted to focus on his mental health, and he told TMZ the following month that he was going to counseling, hanging out with family, and “taking it easy.”

“After a few years off the road, I felt like I was ready to dive back in, but that decision was premature, and unfortunately the toll of the road and the pressure have caught up to me, and I’ve reached a breaking point,” the singer-songwriter wrote on Instagram on July 8 in an announcement that initially only postponed the shows. “First and foremost, I need to take some time to recuperate and care for myself and my mental health.”

Later that month, Mendes explained why he decided to postpone the rest of the trip. “After talking with my team and working with a great set of health professionals, it’s become evident that I need to take the time I’ve never taken personally, to ground myself and come back stronger,” he stated at the time.

Let’s hope Mendes comes back stronger than ever in 2023… with or without the ice baths!

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