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Selma Blair Talks About The Simplest Things That Help Her Deal With MS

Who doesn’t love Selma Blair? The early-aughts icon has undergone a major shift in the public eye since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Now, the actress has re-emerged as a powerful advocate for those living with disabilities. In a new interview, Blair explains at how her diagnosis has evolved the way she operates in the world.

Selma Blair Explains How ‘DWTS’ Changed Her Life

Last autumn, Selma Blair inspired thousands of people by competing on Dancing with the Stars. The physically demanding competition would be a huge undertaking for anyone. So, it was no small feat for Blair, who openly talks about her life with MS. The actress gracefully bowed out of the competition after her fifth week after an MRI revealed that the rigorous training was taking its toll on her body.

Despite not finishing the competition, she was a winner in everyone’s eyes. Just last month, Blair accepted a People’s Choice Award for her time on the show. Audiences seemed to understand just how important it was for the world to see someone with a disability break these boundaries. However, in an interview for the cover of Self, Blair explains how important it was for her personally.

Back in August, Blair was in relatively good health. Her MS was in remission meaning it was no longer progressing. Yet, Blair confesses that she was struggling to even leave the house. In fact, she remembers it was starting to affect her son.

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“He would tell his friends, ‘Oh, you can come over to my house. My mom’s not going to want to drive me because she’s weak,’” Blair tells the magazine. “And I thought, Oh, my god; this is exactly why I wanted to get better, so I wouldn’t be like this anymore.”

That was when she ran into her neighbor, DWTS trainer Sasha Farber. The dancer ended up writing Blair a heartfelt note encouraging her to join the show. After agreeing to a trial rehearsal, Blair fell in love with it. She recalls telling her manager, “I think I actually need this.”

Selma Blair Considers Returning To Acting

As Blair wrote in her memoir, it can be hard for those struggling with MS to get out of the house. According to Blair, it’s about “self-preservation,” adding, “These small things add up. In my bedroom, on the floor that I’m used to, I can dance.”

However, Blair ended up finding that she could dance outside of her house too. Now, she’s even considering making a return to acting. “It takes a lot of energy,” she says.

“I want to say, ‘Oh, it’s easy to hire me. I’m not a problem! But here’s my rider of things I’ll need, and they’re not just green M&Ms.’ It’s like, how do we make sure there’s a railing on everything? If there’s a railing, I can find a way to lift that leg correctly. But without it, I’m just lost, balance-wise.”

While she’s made huge strides not just for herself but for disabled people everywhere, there’s always another step to climb. Thankfully, Blair says it’s the knowledge that her actions help others that keeps her energized. “I don’t find the advocacy trying,” she notes. “I know it’s for other people more than myself, and it makes me feel better. It really does.”

Thankfully, Blair has no intention to stop pushing boundaries. However, what’s so inspiring is that she doesn’t do so at the expense of her health. Blair is creating space for disabled people everywhere by pushing her own limits without ever surpassing them. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see Blair grace the screen once again in the near future.

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