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Selena Gomez in Valentino at the Golden Globes: dramatic or messy?

I read on JustJared that it wasn’t confirmed ahead of time that Selena Gomez would go to the Globes, but she did and she looked like she was having a great time. Selena’s fashion can be hit or miss and this Valentino gown is a “maybe” for me. It’s just a strapless velvet gown with half balloon sleeves. She’s the best advertisement for her makeup line though. Selena’s makeup always looks flawless. Selena was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy for Only Murders, which went to Quinta Brunson.

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Also nominated in that category was Kaley Cuoco, who wore a cute lilac Vera Wang chiffon gown. She’s so extra and I love that about her. I wonder if she’ll post photos of her baby or hide their face on her Instagram. She seems like she could go either way with that.

Jean Smart was in a black tuxedo dress by Tadashi Shoji. She looked so elegant. Should I give Hacks another chance? I couldn’t get into after the first episode but a lot of my friends love it.

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Presenter Natasha Lyonne was in Givenchy and I thought this dress was so cool – I love a full coverage fitted gown – but her hair was distracting. I hope those are hairpieces.

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Viola Davis was killing it in custom Jason Wu. Did you see her Architectural Digest video with her husband, Julius Tennan? Their life looks amazing and I love their interior design!

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Presenter Regina Hall was in a full length sleeveless Monique Lhuillier gown complete with fingerless gloves. I missed her because I was sleeping by then, but I saw it on Twitter and she cracked herself up when she explained why Kevin Costner couldn’t be there in person! That’s embedded below. I’ve got “A Bitch is 50” queued up to sing in a couple of months.

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