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Saurabh Prajapati speaks on singer Badshah’s India tour choreographed by him

One of India’s youngest choreographers and directors Saurabh Prajapati is working with popular singer Badshah’s Paagal Tour happening across 8 Cities in India. Starting with Mumbai and then moving to Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and finishing in Pune. Speaking more about the tour Saurabh says, “I have choreographed and designed all the acts. It’s a one-time experience so don’t miss it.”

When it comes to living shows the most challenging part is that everything has to be on point and perfect because you don’t get another chance. It’s a one-take performance so that means you can’t make mistakes no matter what.” Throwing light on his association with the popular rapper singer Badshah, Saurabh further adds, “I love working with Badshah. I admire his vibe and energy. When it comes to his music and songs, we all know he is amazing. I have been spending a lot of time with him during the Paagal tour because that’s our prep time. As an artist, he is so involved in everything – the best part about him. He gives his input always and at the same time he takes others’ input and feedback.”

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“Also, he gives you so much liberty. He has that faith and trust in his team. When he told me this tour is his dream, I thought that I am going to make it look international. Keeping that in mind I have designed every single song of his and given it a new dimension. His fans who are coming to watch his concert will see the variety of dance styles and different visuals. Badshah was quite specific about his need regarding the tour. Also, I would like to mention here that Badshah on stage has an electrifying personality. In the recent Mumbai concert, we experienced a full house, as all tickets were sold out. Now we are looking forward to seeing his magic in the rest of the cities.”

Speaking about Badshah the artist Saurabh adds, “His journey is inspiring, he works very hard – so much to level up his own game. A lot of respect and love for him, and it’s a pleasure to work with him. And I know many more to follow after this, it’s just the beginning.”

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