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Rob Lowe Explains Why Parenting Doesn’t End When Your Kid Graduates College

Rob Lowe knows that there are several phases when it comes to parenthood. The actor has already gone through the toddler, tween, teen, and even college phases with his kids. Now that his children are full-fledged adults, Lowe is learning that parenting doesn’t end when your kid graduates from college.

In a recent interview with People, Lowe opened up about having children who are now working adults. The 58-year-old actor has two sons—Matthew, 30, and John Owen, 28—he shares with wife Sheryl Berkoff. For the celebrity, this phase of parenthood looks different than anything he has experienced before.

“They finish college and now you’re at a whole other level of parenting,” Lowe admitted. “Like, ok, it’s the real world. Go to work, get a job, what’s that going to look like?”

‘A Whole Other Level Of Parenting’

For Lowe’s youngest son, that looks like working alongside his father. In fact, John Owen is currently filming a new Netflix series, Unstable, with his celebrity dad. The two even play father and son in the show.

According to Lowe, the father he portrays in the new series is “very successful and touched with genius, but maybe a little untethered.” His son, played by John Owen, has “had to grow up in that shadow.” The celebrity went on to share that the show itself depicts “how hard it is to find your own identity with that kind of presence in your life.”

If the premise seems like it may hit a little close to home for the 28-year-old actor, you’re correct. In fact, the entire series was inspired by the father-son relationship Lowe and John Owen have on social media.

As Lowe remarked, “He loves trolling me on social media. And we decided that people were so interested in it, how can we explore this maybe as a show? So we’ve come up with, I think, a really funny take on a benevolent narcissist father in the spotlight, who means very well.”

For Lowe, working with his son has been an eye-opening experience. “You know what’s really weird, is I forget he’s my son when we’re shooting,” the celebrity admitted. “What’s amazing for me and was a revelation, was I feel like I’m working with a peer. And he’s also the only partner I could have had making this.”

As the superstar continues to enjoy this phase of parenthood, we’re looking forward to seeing the father-son duo when Unstable premieres!

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