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Quentin Miller Opens Up About Writing Credit On Nas’s “KD3

The ghostwriting allegations continue to haunt Quentin Miller’s career. He’s released solo music, though it hasn’t received the same attention as his writing credits.

Most recently, fans noted that he had credits on Nas’s King’s Disease 3. Unfortunately, due to Quentin Miller’s reputation, many fans believed that Nas wasn’t penning all of his bars on the project. However, QM said he was solely bouncing ideas in the studio after an invitation from Hit-Boy to join them during the session.

“I pulled up on Hit-Boy, I’m in the room, I bounce some ideas out, there we go. Clear it up. I just bounced some ideas, a couple ideas win. That’s it, that’s all that happened with the Nas shit,” he said.

During a recent conversation with Vlad TV, Quentin Miller discussed how harmful this narrative’s become. While he had nothing but praise for Nas, he explained the online chatter surrounding his pen left many trying to distance themselves from him.

QM said Nas shared significant praise for his penmanship and overall bars during their session.

“I respect Nas and love Nas like any other rapper in this world. To get an opportunity to work with him and he’s telling me, ‘Yo man, you’re one of the dopest new rappers I’ve heard.’ I’m taking this in. This is a great thing,” he explained. In the aftermath of the album’s release and the backlash Nas received, Quentin Miller suggested that the relationship soured.

“You get the opportunity to work with somebody and then, people find out. Then, they tear him down ’cause he worked with you. Rather than, ‘Look at you… damn, you must be dope,’” he said. “But it don’t turn out that way. It turn out they get burnt up so then, they’re looking at you crazy and then, they want nothing to do with you at all.”

Check out the full clip below.



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