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Put On Blast: Aubrey O’Day Exposes Diddy For NDA & Other Strings Attached For Returned Bad Boy Publishing Rights

Diddy recently announced returning publishing rights to Bad Boy artists, but Aubrey O’Day revealed this new Diddy deal still comes with an NDA and strings attached.

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Diddy Finally Offers To Return Publishing Rights To Bad Boy Artists

While promoting his new album, The Love Album: Off the Grid, Diddy stopped by The Breakfast Club for an interview. He claimed that his decision came after some internal reflection. He also stated it was sparked by his own criticism of the Grammys.

“Once you start asking for change in this world, you have to look within and be a part of that change,” he said.

Diddy also added that reassigning the publishing rights was part of his own personal evolution.

“This actually was done two years ago,” he described. “It was more of me just evolving as a businessman, you know, a person that really wants change in the world.”

He continued, “I decided to reassign publishing rights to the whole catalog in May or June 2021. The news is just now coming out because it took time to finalize everything. But this was during the time that I was holding the Grammys to task. I was also getting major offers for the catalog during the [acquisition] frenzy back then.”

VMA's "Club Love" After Party

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As for his relationship with his former artists, he revealed that they are on good terms. Mr. Love insinuated that the past is behind them.

“Everything’s cool and good now,” the veteran executive exclaimed about his relationship with Ma$e. “You know, we’re brothers, and brothers fight. I love him and that’s it.”

Even if Diddy and his old Bad Boy roster are cool again, that doesn’t mean they think his new publishing deal came with good terms.

Check out Dannity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day spilling the tea on the new deal from Diddy after the flip!

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