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Prince Harry Breaks Silence About Prince Andrew’s ‘Shameful Scandal’ In Light Of Security Conflict With Palace

Over the past few years, both Prince Harry and Prince Andrew have become royal pariahs for very different reasons. Yet, despite the disgraceful circumstances surrounding Andrew’s fall from grace, Prince Harry has stayed in line with his royal relatives by not commenting on the scandal. However, it seems like Harry is done ignoring the blemish Andrew has left on the royal institution.

Prince Andrew Has Faced Enormous Controversy

It seems like there’s no limit to what Prince Harry is now willing to speak about publicly. Despite being raised by one of the most private families in the world, the duke is now practicing a level of transparency previously unheard of for a member of the royal family.

In his memoir Spare, Harry is giving his account of all of his family’s highest and lowest points.Given his willingness to speak unflatteringly about those closest to him, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he had no reservations about discussing Prince Andrew.

Most will recall that Prince Andrew became steeped in controversy after Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking. Despite Andrew’s best efforts to bury his previous friendship with the convicted sex offender, his connection to Epstein was undeniable.

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Flash forward a couple of years, and one of Epstein’s victims publicly alleged that Andrew sexually abused her when she was just 17. She filed a lawsuit against the royal, which was subsequently settled in early 2022.

While Andrew has never faced any criminal charges, his reputation has been ripped to shreds. He’s been dismissed from all public royal duties and no longer represents The Firm in any official capacity.

Prince Harry Speaks Out About His Uncle

It turns out that Harry isn’t trying to stick his nose into Andrew’s scandal. His bone to pick actually had to do with an ongoing battle with his family concerning royal security.

As readers may remember, Harry publicly expressed his disappointment that he and his family would not receive the usual royal security protections while visiting the UK.

In his new book, Harry says he never believed he would lose those protections—especially, the duke points out, after his mother, Princess Diana, died the way she did. However, Harry also mentions he never would have dreamed that he’d lose his security privileges before Prince Andrew.

“Also, not in the wake of my Uncle Andrew. Despite being embroiled in a shameful scandal, accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, no one had even suggested removing his security,” Harry wrote. “People have had plenty of reasons to complain about us, sex crimes weren’t one of them.”

Harry brings up an interesting double standard for the family. Unfortunately, the royals are unlikely to ever address his many, many claims from Spare. The controversial memoir hit shelves on January 10.

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