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Move Over Butter Boards—Social Media Is Now Obsessed With Making Butter Candles

If you’re on top of your unique charcuterie board game, you’ll know that “butter boards” ranked highly among last year’s trends. Smothered butter on a rustic board sprinkled with some enticing toppings became one of the most swoon-worthy additions to any butter lover’s feast.

On the heels of butter boards’ popularity, the sharable food craze has sparked a new TikTok trend sure to make any tablescape cozy and warm: butter candles.

As the name implies, these are edible candles made with butter rather than wax. As the candle melts, a pool of butter forms for you to dip your bread (or whatever else you want to cover in butter)—no need for butter knives here.

TikTok creator @sooziethefoodie is credited as the first to come up with the concept. To make her candle, she began with softened room-temperature butter. Using a sheet of plastic wrap, she flattened and molded the butter around a food-grade wick into the shape of a candle.


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Some find melting the butter and pouring it into a jar, silicone mold, or plastic cup much more convenient. This method simply involves pouring melted butter into your desired mold, setting your wick, and placing it in the fridge to harden. (Always use food-grade wicks made from hemp and beeswax; otherwise, your butter candle won’t be safe for consumption.) 

In either case, you’ll have to carefully extract your finished candle if using a plastic or silicone mold. If you make your butter candle in a jar, keep in mind that dipping your food could extinguish the flame.


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If you’re not quite sold on the concept of butter candles, consider the possibility of adding more flavors for an enhanced candle experience. Although straight-up butter is undeniably delicious, there are endless culinary possibilities. Adding some roasted garlic and herbs would make it excellent for dipping steak, lobster, and other meats as well.

Is your mouth watering yet? Yeah, we’re right there with you.

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