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Mike Pompeo Calls To Ban Chinese Travelers Over COVID-19 Variant

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States should ban Chinese travelers from entering the country. Pompeo theorized that Chinese President Xi Jinping has a plot to infect the world with a new COVID-19 variant. Pompeo explained his theory to John Catsimatidis on Cats Roundtable.

“It sounds like we might have as many as 1 million Chinese people infected. Fifty percent of their population traveling,” Pompeo said on the program, Sunday.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – FEBRUARY 11: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto (not pictured) at the foreign ministry on February 11, 2019, in Budapest, Hungary. They were expected to discuss energy issues and the debate over Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company whom the U.S. accuses of stealing trade secrets and violating Iran sanctions. Afterward, Secretary Pompeo was scheduled to meet with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. (Photo by Laszlo Balogh/Getty images)

He continued: “There is no reason we should allow the Chinese to do this again, to send Chinese-infected persons around the world, knowingly infecting people all across the globe.”

“Xi got away with this once,” Pompeo said, before admitting that he feels regretful over 2020. “We should still do that for the 6 million people who died between the spring of 2020 and today.”

“But he’s doing it again,” he added. “Just as in the spring of 2020 [when] he sent people around the world he knew were infected.”

“He’s going to infect millions more,” Pompeo concluded. “We shouldn’t let that happen.”

Pompeo served as Secretary of State under President Donald Trump from April 2018 until the end of his presidency.

The U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K. have all mandated regulations for travelers from China. They will have to submit a negative coronavirus test before entering the respective counties.




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