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Lizzo Wanted to Collaborate With Adele, Even Ready To Play Flute For Her!

Lizzo said she wanted to collaborate with singer Adele as she is even ready to play the flute. We have seen how celebrities admire celebrities related to work and ethics.

Whether it is related to the actors or models or singers, we have seen all of them coming in the same line and admiring all kinds of artists. And if we talk about singers in specific then collaboration is definitely in need if they have admired each other for so long.

And if we talk about collaboration then it is not just related to the lead but can also be supportive.

Something like this has recently happened as the 34-year-old singer Lizzo told how she wants to collaborate with Adele. The singer wants some music collaboration somewhere in the future with her friend as well as someone she has always looked up to.

The singer has also talked about how they have never talked related to coming in a collaboration for any song or any album. However, if something like this would happen and she is not at all the opposite of it.

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Here Is What Lizzo said about Collaborating with Adele.


The singer Lizzo said: “We’ve never talked about that. You know, what I’d do with Adele is play the flute. I’d play the flute as she is that kind of artist.” She continued and said: “Adele called me and was like, ‘Lizzo, how do you f*cking do it? Are you okay? Do you want to come over and drink some wine? Do you want to talk?’ And I was like, yeah.”

Lizzo went further went explained that Adele is one of the artists who always takes her turn to get advice. She said that the singer had totally seen her as a different person. And it was really sweet for her to do so.

She further went and said: “Shouting out my documentary the other day… she didn’t have to. She texted to say, ‘I f*cking hate documentaries unless you’re Tina Turner or The Beatles, but this is so f*cking good.’ And I was like, ‘thank you.”

It is not the first time we are seeing any celebrities looking forward to any collaboration. Just a few weeks or months ago, we have seen how much Madonna wanted to collaborate with Britney Spears. When Madonna got to know about the huge collaboration between Britney Spears and Elton John then she has also shown her desire to collaborate with the singer.

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