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Like & Subscribe: BOSSIP’s Top YouTube Channels Of 2022

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2022 is in the books and as we head into 2023 we are taking a look back at our favorite things from last year. Youtube is one application that is universally used by everyone. Regardless if you’re looking for educational content or fun lifestyle content Youtube is filled with everything. With everything in one place, it makes it hard to break through the noise but some Youtube channels achieve it effortlessly. Here are a few picks for top Youtube Channels of 2022.

BOSSIP’s Top Youtube Channels Of 2022

Gracies Corner

If you have any babies in the family you are familiar with Gracies Corner. The surprising part is it is enjoyable even if you aren’t a child. Yes, the videos are educational but the beats and song structure deserve multiple Grammy Awards. If you need proof just listen to the video below for 30 seconds.

Mark Rober

Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who has the most complex videos but science can be fun is what we are told and he proves it in every video. The thing that draws most of us is his package thieves videos. He makes a device to record people who steal packages and when they open the device it shoots glitter and fart spray. Absolutely worth a watch.

The Cut

The Cut has captivated the internet with its real content involving real issues. From people debating their politics with those who oppose their views to light-hearted content. They won the internet over this year with their speed dating videos that are full of drama and laughs.


The RDC group has delivered classic skits on Instagram and constantly go viral on Twitter but Youtube is their playground. Unfiltered skits or long-form content RDC just doesn’t miss.

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat has dominated Twitch while getting absolutely no support from the platform, which is strange but we know why. His Youtube videos offer lifestyle content with your favorite personalities from hip-hop to sports.

Private Selection

As sneaker culture continues to dominate Private Selection keeps you updated on what is going down in the space. This year the group ventured outside and attended all the SneakerCon’s and gave us front-row seats. From city to city they visited sneaker stores in each city spreading love.

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods has made the leap to Youtube and is giving an in-depth look at her lifestyle, shoots, and travel. Expanding beyond Instagram and quickly becoming a Youtube favorite.

The Breakfast Club

Our favorite trio has held it down on Youtube for as long as we can remember and show no signs of slowing down. The best interviews of 2022 are all in one place.

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