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LaKeith Stanfield’s Baby Mama’s Blasted Him In Old Tweets

Sometimes, good news comes with some bad news as well. LaKeith Stanfield recently proposed to his girlfriend, but 24-year-old artist Tylor Hurd said that he is her daughter’s father. Moreover, she said that he’s been absent from her daughter Apollo’s life. Afterwards, old tweets of hers resurfaced that give credence to her confession.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 01: LaKeith Stanfield arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix’s “Hustle” at Regency Village Theatre on June 01, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

However, it all started with an Instagram post she made sharing a TikTok of her maternity. In the clip, the Atlanta actor made various appearances, whether it was dancing with the child or holding her up. “Decided to leave being someone’s secret family in 2022,” she captioned the post. “Meet Apollo Stanfield.”

After many criticized her for sharing this bomb right when Stanfield proposed, she explained her situation. “Just to clear a few things up, I’m not jealous that he’s engaged to a woman he’s known for five months. I tried to meet the girl and everything and she ignored me when I tried.

“What I’m upset about,” she continued, “is that he’s made more time to spend with this woman than he’s spent with Apollo her whole life, and has been actively ignoring me when I’m trying to figure things out for our child. And those clips of him and her together are all I have in general cause he barely sees her.”

Swipe to see Hurd’s video tribute to her daughter / Via Instagram @theneighborhoodtalk

Furthermore, Hurd’s old tweets contain similar grievances and frustrations. Specifically, people are pointing to a December 23rd tweet from before this was all revealed.

“Dating a man with kids and being okay with him choosing holidays with you over his kids and y’all only been dating for 4 months says a lot about you not just him,” she tweeted. “Y’all both trifling.”

While this came about a week before the revelations, the big news didn’t come with a lack of details. Subsequently, Hurd (also known as 730t) tweeted some more about the relationship.

“I really feel a weight lifted off my shoulders,” she wrote. “Finding out the man you had a baby with is the worst person you ever met is heartbreaking fr.”

“He’s not a good dad lol i can count on my hand how many times he’s been with my girl,” she continued. “I got a job and he agreed to get the nanny never got the nanny. I always did my part and always tried to give him grace.”

For what it’s worth, Stanfield responded in since-deleted comments to the ordeal. “Thanks for respecting my not wanting to blast my child out to the internet. Very considerate of you,” he wrote.

Hurd responded as well. “Value your privacy, is that why you lied to people saying she wasn’t your baby or that I was just a random? You value your privacy but your gf post everything y’all do lol okay.”

Finally, the Sorry To Bother You actor responded with, “I never once in life said she wasn’t my baby. I hope this does whatever it was supposed to do for you… My adult relationship privacy and children are two different things. I’m sure you realize that.”

Swipe to see Stanfield’s comments / Via Instagram @theneighborhoodtalk

Still, what do you think of LaKeith Stanfield’s baby mama drama and his new fiancée? Let us know in the comments down below and peep for more reactions as well. Also, as always, stay locked in with HNHH for the latest updates on this story and more celebrity scandals.



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