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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ’s Fun Fact About Themselves Was Completely Terrifying For Their Opponents

Jeopardy! fans enjoy being able to connect with contestants who appear on the quiz show. Although each episode begins with a quick introduction of each player, their individual personalities shine through during the break when the host shares a fun fact about each contestant. While most people share what they will do if they win the show, a player recently revealed a fun fact about themselves that terrified their opponents!

On January 12, Kristina Mosley, Kyle Daly, and returning champion Yogesh Raut competed on the quiz show. As Jennings talked to each contestant during the break, both Mosley and Daly shared a fun fact about their pets.

Mosley was up first and remarked that she would have the DNA tested of all three of her cats. When asked by Jennings what she’ll do with this information, the contestant admitted, “I don’t know.”

Jennings then moved on to Daly who talked about his pet rabbits. Turns out, his rabbits are moderately famous as they have posed for National Geographic (well, featured online).

Jennings then spoke with the returning champion, who had won $41,601 the previous day. When asked to share a fun fact about himself, Raut made a startling revelation that surprised everyone, including the other players!

Back in 2014, Yogesh competed in what he referred to as the “Smartypants Competition.” Apparently, the contestant competed in the final round with Jennings and Brad Rutter, who is the second highest-earning game show contestant of all time just behind the Jeopardy! host.

As the player shared, “When the competition was over, I was the winner, which makes me the second entity to beat the two of you in a live buzzer quizzing competition. And the first that’s a carbon-based life form.”

The Only Person To Beat Both Two Legends

Of course, Yogesh was referring to the Jeopardy! competition between Jennings, Rutter, and Watson, a supercomputer. Although Jennings was certain that a computer couldn’t hold a candle to a human playing the game, Watson beat both human contestants. In fact, the super computer ended up with a score of $77,147, more than triple of Jennings who came in second place with $24,000.

Learning that Raut had beat both Jennings and Rutter was certainly intimidating news for both Mosley and Daly. But was it concerning enough for them to tap out of the game? Not quite, although neither of them answered the final clue correctly. Of course, Raut knew that, “What is the Bayeux Tapestry?” is the correct response to, “The artwork once known in France as ‘La Tapisserie De La Reine Mathilde’ is better known as this.” 

Despite his status as the only person to beat both Jennings and Rutter, Raut didn’t end up topping Jennings’ winnings. Fortunately, he played four great games and established himself as a gracious and persistent competitor during his time on the show.

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