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'Instagram Famous' Woman Goes Viral for Plane Rant, Identity Revealed!

Another day, another viral airplane passenger video.

Over the weekend, a video began circulating on social media of a mystery woman in a bodysuit getting into a heated fight with other passengers on a plane.

At one point, she yells “call me a b-tch again, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Another passenger yells at her to shut up, and she responds: “No, you shut the f-ck up! You shut the f-ck up, and your b-tch.” When she notices someone filming the heated exchange, she declares to the camera: “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f-cking bum.”

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She has since been identified: the woman’s name is Morgan Osman, and she has over 976,000 followers on the social media platform.

Those might recall that Morgan Osman was also known as “The Uber B-tch,” as an original Bad Girl from Bad Girls Club Season 5 in 2010.

She resides in Miami, Florida.

Morgan was removed from the house in Episode 2 after breaking into the production’s office and having a physical altercation with co-stars.

There are still no details about why the brawl even began on the plane, but it’s clear that she’s unbothered by the ordeal. In fact, she’s already begun reposting news clips of the viral fight on her Instagram Story, writing: “I said what I said you fckin bummmsss.”

One superstar musician was recently praised for being seen flying coach recently.

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