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‘I’m Blessed’: Jane Fonda Gushes About Filming With Tom Brady, Gives Health Update On Cancer

The world was rocked when Jane Fonda announced she had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Thankfully, the actress soon announced she was in remission and recently gave fans an update on her health at a red carpet event. 

Fonda Celebrates Remission: ‘I’m Lucky. I’m Blessed.’

Fonda announced her diagnosis in 2022 on Instagram, telling followers she felt thankful that she had “health insurance and access to the best doctors and treatments” and that she was hopeful about her chances of beating it. 

In December, the actress celebrated the news that she was in remission and could stop her chemotherapy treatments. Fonda discussed her health further at a screening for her upcoming movie 80 for Brady

When asked how she’s feeling these days, Fonda said she was feeling “great” and called her experience with cancer “an adventure.” She also talked about how lucky she was to receive the care she did. 

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“I got a chance to experience what hundreds of millions of other people in the world have experienced,” Fonda explained. “It wasn’t the first time I had cancer. And I got lucky. I had really, really good care. I’m lucky. I’m blessed.”

Her Plans Are To Re-Focus On Activism

So, what is Jane Fonda’s focus now that her health is back in order? Her ongoing work to combat climate change. “I care about the world and its creatures,” she shared. “I want to do all I can … I’m at an age when you think about what is going to happen when I am on my deathbed. You want to feel you have done your very best to face this crisis.”

Fonda also talked about 80 for Brady and what it was like to share the screen with football star Tom Brady. “He is the GOAT,” the actress gushed. “I was awestruck, to tell you the truth. I really was. My knees actually started to give away. That doesn’t happen too often…When anybody is as good as he is…you have to bow down and honor that…The best the world ever had, plus he is gorgeous.”

“He was very nice to us—kind, generous, humble. I don’t know how a man like that could be humble, but he seemed to be,” Fonda continued. She also showed some love to another sports star, saying, “My scene with [Rob] Gronkowski, that was fun. He was really funny.” Fans of Fonda are happy she is in remission and feeling better and can’t wait to see her act alongside Brady in her latest film! 

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