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“I learned a lot from Pankaj Tripathi sir”: Shaan Shashank Mishra

Shaan Shashank Mishra not only attended actor Paritosh Tripathi’s wedding that happened a few weeks back but played a huge role in organising and managing the events of the ceremony. He met a lot of actors from the industry and also got a chance to speak to Pankaj Tripathi.

Talking about the wedding, he said, “Since his wife is from Uttarakhand and Paritosh bhaiya is from Dewariya, they decided to do a destination wedding and go to the mountains and celebrate it with close family and friends in attendance. I was playing a very important role in the coordination, management, and administration of the wedding because it was happening in my hometown. All the wedding ceremonies, including haldi and mehendi, took place at the Ataraxia Resort.”

“I interacted with a lot of people including Pankaj Tripathi sir and his family, Geeta Kapoor, Rithvik Dhanjani, Priyanshu Singh, Ketan Singh, Nazneen Parveen to name a few. The nights used to be all about bonfires, jam sessions, dancing, and singing. It was so amazing to see all those people getting to know each other closely as we all were in this resort for five days,” he added.

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Shaan also gave details about his meeting with Pankaj Tripathi and how he has inspired him. “I saw him very closely at the wedding. I got an insight into what he is on and off the screen. There is a certain calmness to how he delivers a dialogue and I admire that. I not just got the chance to speak to him but we stayed together for 3 days. I even interacted with his family. It was like a vacation for all of us. We all had great fun,” he said.

The young actor also spoke about his relationship with Paritosh, and said, “He is like my elder brother and he’s my support system. We are quite close to each other like a family I would say. He is quite experienced; he keeps guiding me as my elder brother. He tells me what is right and wrong, and he has always guided me very well.”

“He is a very interesting artist and the best thing about him is that he is very humorous and spontaneous. He is a writer, and he writes poetry as well as stories,” he ended.

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