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‘I have lived a very interesting, special, weird life’: Maddison Beer talks about her life and new vulnerable album Silence Between Songs

Madison Beer, the amazing songstress with a brilliant voice, is widely known for her songs like Reckless, Dead, and others. She has now returned after her debut album, Life Support, which came out two years ago. After two whole years, Beer is back with an all-new vulnerable album called Silence Between Songs, and she is ready to talk about it. In a new interview with People, the Reckless singer opened up about her childhood and other vulnerable moments.

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Madison Beer spoke about her childhood and life

Madison Beer, who is only 24 years old, is more contemplative than ever. Over the past two years, the musician has processed and written about traumas she has experienced, mostly as a result of childhood popularity, for the lyrics of her emotional new album Silence Between Songs, published on Friday.

The project comes months after Beer’s breakthrough memoir, The Half of It, in which the artist reflected on starting her singing career at the age of 12 and the impact it had on her mental health and family life. The Reckless singer told People in a new interview, “I have lived a very interesting, special, weird life. I’m grateful for everything that has happened, but I do miss my childhood at times.”

Beer’s career began in 2012, when she uploaded a video of herself covering Etta James’ 1960 hit At Last on YouTube. The video gained Justin Bieber’s attention, who posted it to X (previously Twitter). However, the path to success was not without its challenges. During Beer’s childhood, her father, Robert, and mother, Tracie (who divorced when she was seven), were tasked with leading their daughter through an unknown industry. Ryder, her younger brother, suffered the most as a result.

She said, “There were so many years where he was just a bystander, and whatever was happening to me had effects on him that we weren’t even aware of at the time. As we’ve both gotten older, I’ve been able to look back on our lives objectively and say, ‘I had a hand in you having an unstable childhood.”’

Beer composed a song about their affection for one another called Ryder that features on Silence Between Songs as a sign of the good place they’re in today. She refers to the tender ballad as a love letter apology. Beer revealed, “I just wanted to give him that confirmation that someone has empathy and that someone is thinking about how he’s felt all these years. I think that was a big deal for him.”

She further opened up about how her career impacted her mental health and how so many famous people were unhappy because they felt a certain way, but now she is in a better place.

Madison Beer spoke about her new album Silence Between Songs

Beer now has complete control over her career. In the same interview with People, Beer revealed she also has a great support system around her, including her family and her three-year boyfriend, Nick Austin. Because they weren’t dating when she composed her debut album, Life Support, Silence Between Songs contains her first song about the social media sensation, Nothing Matters But You. The Reckless singer described that song as she needed to create a lovey-dovey song as it was long overdue.

Lana Del Rey, one of Beer’s all-time favorite artists, has also recently supplied her with both comfort and direction. In 2022, the Video Games singer approached her in a Los Angeles cafe and professed her admiration for her work, possibly unaware of how much she influenced its composition. Beer revealed, “She’s just a very special person, and I really, really adore her. The adage, Never meet your idols, is just false when it comes to someone like her. She’s great, and she’s always been supportive and present for me.”

Beyond economic success, her expectation for how the profoundly personal record will be received by listeners is simple: “I hope that they feel some solace.”

Meanwhile, Madison Beer’s new album Silence Between Songs is not out yet and is available on all streaming platforms.

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