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How Many Siblings Does Oscar Isaac Have? and What Do They Do?

Oscar Isaac is a musician and actor from the United States. He is most known for his work as the title character in the Coen brothers’ dark comedy Inside Llewyn Davis, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. A Most Violent Year, Ex Machina, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and X-Men: Apocalypse are just a few of his critically acclaimed films.

He received a Golden Globe Award for remarkable acting Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film 2015 for his work as politician Nick Wasicsko in the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero.

At a young age, Oscar started performing in Miami’s small-town plays. In his twenties, he performed in short play festivals and started the ska-punk group The Blinking Underdogs.

Elvira Lind his loving wife, is a director by profession. The first son of the marriage, Eugene, was born the year they were married. Their second son, Mads Isaac, was born in October 2019.

He made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the 2022 film “Moon Knight,” in which he plays a dissociative identity disorder sufferer.

How Many Siblings Does Oscar Isaac Have and What Do They Do?

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac has two siblings, both of whom are gifted individuals. His sister Nicole Hernandez-Hammerhis is a successful scientist and campaigner but in a different profession.

His brother Mike Hernandez, who has also worked as an actor and a journalist, once appeared with him on the big screen.

Nicole Hernandez-Hammer

Oscar Isaac

Nicole Hernandez Hammer’s family moved to the US when she was four. She entered academia and worked as a biologist and sea-level researcher.

Hammer formerly served as the Florida Centre for Environmental Studies’ assistant director at Florida Atlantic University. She became an environmental justice activist as a result of her ecological enthusiasm.

In 2012, she was named the Southeast Climate Science and Community Advocate by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Mike Hernandez

Oscar Isaac

He is the younger brother of Isaac Hernandez and a gifted artist, Mike Hernandez. He worked as a journalist for the Miami New Times.

Like his brother, Hernandez is also an actor but has yet to be as well known in the business. He consented to play Oscar Isaac’s double in “Moon Knight” and backed Isaac’s career.

Hernandez would represent whichever persona Isaac wasn’t currently playing because of his dissociative disorder role.

These three siblings have a remarkable relationship—from encouraging to praising one another’s work, they have stuck by one another for a long time. Issac and Mike, actors and brothers, have worked together on the MCU Moon Knight series, demonstrating their relationship.

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