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How A Humble Lip Balm Can Fix Messy Makeup After A Long Day

During pandemic times, video meetings became the norm, and for many of us virtual is our new way of life at work. And with our faces framed and cropped in the manner of a newscaster every day, makeup has become increasingly important (for some of us—if you abstain, power to you!).

Thankfully, makeup tutorials seem to have increased right alongside the rise in makeup-wearing.

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes has led the charge in minimal but impactful makeup ideas. She also shares tricks of the trade, and this one, which helps extend the life of your makeup look without washing your face and starting from scratch, is particularly genius. And it doesn’t require a full makeup bag to accomplish.

Now that we actually have places to go after work, repurposing our daytime makeup is key for saving time and minimizing hassle. Hughes’ technique requires just a few basic makeup staples that easily fit in your handbag, plus lip balm and your fingertips.

“I want to paint a picture for you,” she says. “The picture is your eyeshadow is creased, your foundation’s kinda greasy and oily-looking, your lipstick kinda wore away and there’s just not much definition in the face. You are out and about and you need to touch this up quickly.” 

We’ve all been there. She recommends taking these next steps to revive your makeup, starting with clean, dry hands.

1. Fingers

Rub your hands together to warm them up, then gently swipe and/or dab under the eyes to remove any excess mascara or eyeshadow that may have fallen off. Gently massage the eyelids to smooth the eyeshadow and blend any creasing that may have formed. You might lose some makeup during this part, she says, but that’s okay.

2. Lip Balm

If you have dry skin, then this part is for you. But if you run oily, you might want to skip. Using a clear lip balm, add a little bit of the product to your fingertips and apply it on dull, dry, or flaky patches of skin to help rehydrate.

3. Concealer

Most of us carry around a tube of concealer, so grab that and add some dots of the product anywhere you could benefit from some coverage. Gently dab and blend with your fingertips. The key with this step is to apply lightly, so it doesn’t get cakey or uneven.

4. Lip Liner

Most makeup-wearers also typically carry around some lip product. And if you have to choose between liner and lipstick, go with the lip liner. After blending what lip color you have left with the lip balm, you can use it to redefine your lips.

5. Lipstick

If you’re willing to make room for another item, make it a tube of lipstick. You can add a little color to your lips, blend the product with your fingertips, and then get double duty out of the product by dabbing what remains on your cheeks.

6. Powder

Powder is another product that many of us carry, and it’s nice to have when you’re feeling a little sweaty and overly shiny. Dab it on anywhere that’s too shiny for your liking and you’re good to go!

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