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Herringbone Highlights Are The Perfect (And Trending) Way To Embrace Your Gray Hair

The days of scrambling to cover up gray hairs as soon as they appear (hopefully) seem to be coming to an end. We’re totally here for embracing our natural beauty—but that doesn’t mean the transition will come easily. If you’ve spent a lot of time and money covering up your grays, quitting the dye cold turkey can be tough.

But there are methods of making the transition that can make it less stark or awkward. Some women turn to hair extensions to help with the change, while others go for a big chop to start afresh. 

Yet another technique can assist in the shift to gray hair by making your changing color appear more natural, gradual, and blended. They’re called herringbone highlights, and they’re quickly becoming one of the biggest hair trends of 2023.

Herringbone highlights help you embrace your natural silver streaks by incorporating them into your natural hair color. Having a lighter shade of brown or blonde hair can be helpful for making herringbone highlights look even more seamless, but it’s not necessary.

If you have lighter hair, incorporating both warm and cool highlights in addition to your natural gray will help blend it all together, so even when your color grows out a bit, it won’t look as noticeable.

If you have darker hair, you’ll probably want to stick with only cool highlights, aiming to achieve a final shade that is similar to your natural grays. Also, being more sporadic than heavy-handed with the highlights will achieve a more natural look.

Most hairstylists and colorists will recognize what you want if you ask for herringbone highlights. But if they don’t, request highlights that blend in with your natural gray. Specify that you want your highlights spread throughout the hair in an irregular pattern to mimic natural gray coloring patterns.

Keep in mind that the point of this technique isn’t to cover up your gray hair. Your silvers will be the star of the show because it’s high time we start to celebrate aging and all that it entails.

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