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Heidi Montag Implies She Was Misled About Recovery After Undergoing 10 Plastic Surgeries at Once, Says She Almost Died

Heidi Montag opened up about undergoing 10 cosmetic procedures at once in a new interview.

The 37-year-old reality star had the multiple surgeries back in 2009 and debuted her new look the following year.

More than a decade after the procedures, Heidi looked back and said that she was not prepared for the dramatic recovery process after being misled about what to expect. She also recounted having a near-death experience in the midst of it all.

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While speaking to Page Six with husband Spencer Pratt, Heidi said that her surgeon told her to expect a “quick recovery” and that she’d be back on her feet in “a few months.”

“And it took me over a year to heal, so I could barely talk. My jaw… I had just had part of my chin sawed off. It was really a lot just dealing with that,” she recalled, saying that she “wasn’t doing well.”

Her recovery overlapped with when she was supposed to be filming the final season of The Hills, which she did not feel prepared for.

“I kept saying, ‘I’m not a person right now. I need to heal and recover and I’m not doing well physically.’ Like, I’m not able to show up like I was,” she said. “I thought I’d bounce back and be able to be on TV like I was after my first cosmetic surgery. But there was just way too much done and each thing took too much time, and it hurt so bad. I was just in such an immense amount of pain”

Heidi stressed that she chose to have the procedures done but “wasn’t aware of the repercussions” of what she had signed up for.

On top of the recovery process, she and Spencer were dealing with the fact that she had a near-death experience. She said that her husband had been called and told that she “had died basically” during the procedures.

People noted that Heidi was alluding to being administered the wrong amount of a pain reliever.

If you were wondering, Andy Cohen recently explained why you won’t see Heidi join the Real Housewives franchise.

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