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‘Hamilton’ Star Renée Elise Goldsberry’s Hilarious Drunk-Scrolling Faux Pas Is Every Social Media User’s Nightmare

Scrolling through social media when you’ve had a little too much to drink can be dangerous, as Broadway star Renée Elise Goldsberry just found out. The actress mistakenly congratulated a friend on her pregnancy after seeing a picture of a very different type of positive test. 

Goldsberry Mistook A Positive COVID Test For Something Very Different

Fellow Broadway star Laura Benanti posted a photo of a positive COVID-19 test with the caption “Happy New Year?”

Most people commented well-wishes for the actress’ health, including sweet messages from stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Timothy Omundson, but Goldsberry’s comment took many by surprise. 

“AAAAAAH! Congratulations!” she wrote under the photo, clearly mistaking the at-home COVID test for a pregnancy test. A screenshot of her comment quickly went viral, with many sharing that they had also mistaken COVID tests for pregnancy tests in the past. 

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“honestly, this is the first thing I thought as well,” one person laughed, while another wrote, “I thought this too lol.” Someone else commented, “it’s okay queen we all make mistakes sometimes.”

Goldsberry Admitted She Was ‘Drunk Scrolling’

Goldsberry’s goof went so viral that the actress herself saw a circulating post with a screenshot of the interaction. She quoted the tweet and wrote, “Drunk scrolling on my birthday… Wrong positive test. Love you, Laura! Feel better!”

Others Share Their Own Funny Stories About Mixing Up Tests

Fans left their own funny stories about mistaken tests under Goldsberry’s tweet. “Once i posted My positive covid test and my entire family reacted like this,” someone wrote.

“People just wanna see pregnancy,” another person tweeted. “I once referred on Facebook to my Italian textbook, Prego!, and had 800 celebratory and confused texts inside of about 12 minutes.”

Someone else admitted that, when they saw the screenshot of Benanti’s post, they thought their friend was telling them they had COVID. “WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES,” they reminded everyone

The Hamilton star also went back to Benanti’s Instagram post to correct herself, writing, “Wrong positive test Feel better @laurabenanti!!” Goldsberry’s silly mistake had the Internet laughing—and relating over how easy it can be to make a blunder when drunk-scrolling.

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