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From Elevating Boxed Cake Mix To Making The ‘Greatest Steaks Of All Time’, These Are The Best Food Hacks We Learned This Year

Food hacks are the best because they can save you time and make life easier overall—especially when you’re in a hurry. Thanks to the internet, amazing food hacks are popping up everywhere all the time, but some stand out from the crowd. These are the best cooking and baking hacks we found this year.

1. A Boxed Cake Mix Hack That Can Make It Taste Homemade

A common boxed cake recipe calls for vegetable oil, but substituting melted refined coconut oil will make the cake’s texture fluffier, lighter, and more moist. This isn’t a calorie-friendly substitution, but it tastes so good you’ll never want to make another cake mix without it.

2. One Simple Ingredient That Takes Mac And Cheese To The Next Level

Your standard mac and cheese recipe includes milk, cheese, and butter. But if you want to elevate the flavor and avoid a one-note dish, add a little fresh nutmeg. It only takes a tiny amount—just an eighth of a teaspoon—to add warmth and complexity to this ultimate comfort food.

3. Extra-Crispy Roasted Veggies Without Overcooking

Avoid limp, soggy vegetables and roast them perfectly and uniformly every time by setting your roasting pan on the oven floor. The direct, constant heat will leave your veggies ultra-crispy, yet nice and caramelized without overcooking them

4. A Genius Method For Poaching Multiple Eggs At Once

Professional chef Adrienne Cheatham is a master of poaching dozens of eggs a day for brunch service, and she shared her method for making foolproof poached eggs. This method will poach multiple eggs at once, without wasting time or product—and it never fails.

5. Martha Stewart’s Simple Method For Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Culinary queen Martha Stewart told us the key to preparing fluffy, scrambled eggs is to cook them over low heat while constantly moving the eggs in the pan. To prevent them from sticking, add a little bit of butter.

6. An Ina Garten-Approved Ingredient To Transform Bland Chicken

Ina Garten took chicken to the next level in her latest cookbook: Go-To Dinners: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. Her recipe for “chicken in a pot with orzo” has a bit of luxurious flair with the addition of saffron, one of the world’s most expensive spices.

7. The Necessary Ingredient For ‘The Greatest Steak Of All Time’

Brandi Carlile gave Courteney Cox a recipe that included the secret to making “the greatest steak of all time.” In an Instagram video, the Friends alum shared that secret with her followers—adding freshly-ground coffee to your steak seasoning mixture.

8. Adding Soy Sauce To Scrambled Eggs

Rather than adding salt to your scrambled eggs, consider using soy sauce instead to amp up the taste. The flavor of soy sauce surpasses that of ordinary salt by adding a touch of sweetness and umami.

9. The Key To Perfectly Roasted Potatoes

Chef Samin Nosrat shared a trick that will make your potatoes flavorful with an even crispier exterior. All you have to do is boil your potatoes whole in extra-salty water. Instead of using a pinch of salt, throw a handful into the water.

10. A Low-Carb Chicken Pizza Crust

Turn a can of chicken into a low-carb, high-protein pizza crust by mixing it with one egg and parmesan cheese. Season with basil and oregano, bake for 20 minutes, then add your sauce and toppings before giving it a final bake.

11. Pan-Frying Bacon In Water

Christopher Wallace, owner of seasoning brand FlavorGod, posted a TikTok video showing why pan-frying bacon in water is a must. Not only does it keep your bacon from splattering, but it makes the bacon turn out perfectly crisp and tender.

12. Rachael Ray’s Smashed Potatoes

The ultimate potato recipe comes from Rachael Ray, thanks to her smashing technique and a secret ingredient: charred lemon. She douses her potatoes in it along with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

13. Create Stunning Meals With Canned Campbell’s Soup

Dan Giusti, founder of Brigaid’s and former head chef of Noma’s, demonstrated how to make stunning meals with a can of Campbell’s Soup. Turn a can of tomato bisque into eggplant Croque madame, cream of mushroom soup into portobello mushroom soup, and bean and bacon soup into roasted chicken thighs with beans and kale.

14. The Ultimate Garlic Hack

Love the convenience of jarred minced garlic but prefer the flavor of fresh? Create bite-sized garlic blocks that are ready to cook with this unique method from Bou Family Kitchen on TikTok.

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