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Financial & Capital Markets Cloud-Based Security Analytics Platforming – Security

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The agility of cloud-based security analytics platforming can
serve as a catalyst to enable security analytics and security event
management. Commoditized operating expense (OpEx) – based
pricing and low capitalization costs are additional factors that
allow for a consumption model that grants real-time experience that
can drive changes in business behavior while leveraging technology
to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

A handful of simple transaction situations grouped together in
real-time would allow a firm to make inferences about connected
security-related events and misconfigurations. Typical outcomes
from these near real-time analyses allow for a quick response that
can enable bespoke security measures to be enacted.

Previously, an analysis of this level and volume of historical
data would take days to perform, but it now takes a few minutes
through cloud-based analytics. Such analytics can empower security
staff and business leaders to make changes in behavior faster than
ever, even when security risks are constantly changing. As a
result, the staff can increase their speed in responding to
unforeseen events.

As storage of data analytics becomes more commoditized, that
level of pricing allows for longer and deeper analytics storyboards
than was previously possible and can be retained in a
cost-efficient manner for multiple years.

With the power of data and analytics, security staff can now
employ analytics scenarios within a few hours instead of weeks.
This immediate access to information on the outcomes of financial
execution scenarios enables an acutely surgical approach to
financial systems security analytics and analysis.

This case study of analysis, design, and build will help
illustrate the catalytic impact of cloud-based agility for
real-time security analytics.

Making Agile
Decisions in Financial Services

A large financial organization that processes monetary
transactions uses security data analytics in the Cloud to discover
key signatures in both real-time and historical analysis.

The organization had previously leveraged a private on-premises
computing environment to perform historical analysis of trade
execution data, and that analysis could be used to gain insight
into future trade executions. Attaining these results using a cloud
consumption model allowed for a highly agile, iterative approach to
making multi-system related corrections that leverage
near-real-time analyses.

Ankura partnered with the financial company to design and
implement two parallel security analytics processing platforms. The
solution leveraged Kafka to ingest logs into searchable and
extensible Elasticsearch for security analytics queries and alerts
and Azure Databricks relational database for historical

Figure 1: Financial Firm’s Custom, Multi-Pipeline Real-Time
Cloud Security Analytics Platform


Now, the broader finance department has access to information
and data that was only available to senior finance staff members.
For this enterprise, consumption of financial security reporting is
now as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee compared to previous
methods that required large capital investments and specialized,
traditional IT services.

A change in behavior brought about by the catalytic effect of
cost-effective cloud computing led to broad access of previously
scarce computing resources. With cloud-based delivery of analytics,
the finance staff at this organization views IT as a strategic
partner and has brought IT professionals into its strategy
discussions on future financial platforms.

Advisory Recommendations

This scenario highlights the ability of cloud-based security
analytics enabling companies to be agile in how they consume
security services near real-time analytics needs based on their
business cycle. That agile consumption ability delivers significant
competitive advantages.

Ankura: How We Can Engage, Advise, Implement &
Provide Value

Our ability to listen, assess as well as design and implement
cloud security services can immediately add operational value. We
pride ourselves in understanding our customers first and then
designing cloud services with a hybrid approach including the
implementation of security and real-time threat analytics systems
available on-demand that can scale up and down in the cloud to
minimize the cost of adoption. It can start with a conversation and
a proof-of-value engagement that lets our clients determine
what’s best for their business.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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