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Does Prince Harry See Camilla Parker Bowles As An ‘Evil Stepmother’? Here’s What He Says

Prince Harry has been dropping bombshell after bombshell these days, from his and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series to revelations from his upcoming memoir. In a recent interview, Harry shared his true feelings about his stepmother, Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Harry Says He Has ‘Compassion’ For Parker Bowles, But Needed To ‘Draw A Line’

Parker Bowles and Harry’s father, King Charles III, famously carried on a years-long extramarital affair that ultimately ended the then-future king’s marriage to the late Princess Diana. It’s understandable that Harry’s relationship with Parker Bowles might be complicated, but he insists he has “compassion” for her. 

“I have a huge amount of compassion for her, you know, being the third person within my parents’ marriage,” Harry said in a recent interview with Good Morning America.

However, he went on to say that he needed to “draw a line” with Parker Bowles when he found out that she was leaking negative stories about him to the British press. 

He Claims Parker Bowles Leaked Private Conversations Between Him And William To The Press

In Spare, his upcoming memoir, Harry claimed Parker Bowles leaked details from a private conversation between him and Prince William shortly after meeting the boys for the first time. He wrote about his “complicated feelings” towards “a stepparent who …had recently sacrificed me on her personal PR altar.”

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“She had a reputation or an image to rehabilitate, and whatever conversations happened, whatever deals or trading was made right at the beginning, she was led to believe that that would be the best way to do it,” the prince explained. 

He went on, “I don’t have a problem with any member of my family needing to rehabilitate their image, but if that rehabilitation or that relationship with, in this case, the British tabloids, comes at the cost of my girlfriend or my family—my close family or my larger family—then I draw a line at that.”

Despite all this, the prince insisted he does not see Parker Bowles as an “evil stepmother.” 

How Does Harry Feel About His Stepmother Today?

“I see someone who married into this institution, or got involved with this institution, and has done everything that she can to improve her own reputation and her own image for her own sake, and I can understand why,” Harry said. 

The Duke of Sussex also elaborated on his claims that the Queen Consort had leaked private information about him and William, saying he can “forgive that, but it needs to stop.”

Harry and Parker Bowles’ relationship is obviously still complicated, and many are waiting to see how Buckingham Palace will respond to these claims. 

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