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It is imperative that a Candidate be particularly thorough, consistent and accurate when providing their personal history throughout the NYPD Police Officer application process. The Psychologists, as well as other NYPD personnel who review the collected data will view a Candidate’s lack of thoroughness, consistency and accuracy when describing their personal history as a negative predictor of future disciplinary action, believing that Candidates who give inconsistent or discrepant responses to life history questions are more likely to become members of a formally disciplined group. Furthermore, omitting items on life history questionnaires and/or discrepancies between an applicant’s self-reported background/life history information and the information submitted in support of other applications can also be viewed as predictive of future negative job outcomes and may be adversely considered when final suitability judgments are being made.

For more information regarding Candidate Information Consistency, click the link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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