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Bryce Dallas Howard Is Quietly Leading The Charge For Normalizing This Accessibility Standard

Bryce Dallas Howard is quietly normalizing a little-known accessibility standard on social media. For the past seven months, the actress has been using alternative text on her Instagram photo posts—and it’s something we can totally get behind!

When you scroll the 41-year-old’s Instagram page, you immediately notice that Howard creates alternative text for all of her image posts. If you don’t know about alt text, it’s a great way for visually impaired users to receive a description of the photo you’ve posted.

However, Howard’s alt text communicates more than just the description of the photo; her alt text always describes the vibe she’s giving off in each image.

A recent throwback post on Instagram best shows how the award-winning actress sets the tone for her pictures in the alt text. In the caption, Howard explains, “ #TBT to 5 years ago this week when I cut my own bangs the night before appearing on national TV. #BigMistake⁣.”

While the carousel post shows two pictures of Howard with actor Chris Patt, the alt text does more than just tell people what she’s doing. In fact, we can’t get over how it’s both fun and playful while accurately describing Howard’s bangs!

As the alt text says, “[ID: BDH (left) stands next to Chris Pratt (right) to greet the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience. BDH’s hair is down and her bangs are swept to the right because they are two to three inches TOO SHORT. Not cute short like Audrey Hepburn; short like how my Mom would cut my bangs in 2nd grade.]⁣”

Why We Should All Follow Howard’s Lead

Howard is certainly leading the way by utilizing the accessibility feature in all her image posts. It’s something that we hope to see more people doing, especially since the option is available to all Instagram users.

If you’re nervous about how to use alt text, there’s no need to worry. Although the actress’ alt text now captures the context and feeling of the photo, her descriptions used to be plainer. 

The first time Howard used alt text, she plainly depicted what she was doing in the photo.

As the alt text reads, “[ID: Sitting in one of her favorite outdoor reading nooks, BDH wearing a navy blue dress holds her copy of Mom Milestones].” Obviously, it takes practice to accurately give off the vibe in the accessibility feature!

Using alternative text on your Instagram posts is easy to do. According to Instagram’s accessibility info, utilizing alt text is extremely easy and just takes one additional step.

After you’ve uploaded and edited your photo, just click accessibility and write the alt text in the box. Then you’re all set to share your accessible post.

We hope to see more people in and out of Hollywood follow Howard’s lead and use Instagram’s accessibility features!

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