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Brendan Fraser’s Website Hasn’t Been Updated Since 2005 And It’s Actually Charming As Heck

These days, most celebrities keep their online presence very up-to-date. However, some people recently discovered that Brendan Fraser’s website hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

Fraser’s Website For Fellow ‘Netizens’

Fraser was one of the hottest actors of the 1990s and 2000s, so it made sense for him to update his millions of fans on his life and career. The actor’s site is a time capsule from 2005—the last time it was given a revamp. 

The website includes an “About” page, as well as links to his photos, his career, announcements, and Fraser’s favorite websites.

“Greetings Netizens!” Fraser wrote in a message to site visitors. “While there may be many in my name, this is the website that Brendan Fraser (and his hip friends) built.” 

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The actor called the website “a haven for any left over [sic] creative energy,” but admitted that updates would only come when he was “not too busy.”

The “About” page details Fraser’s life, ending with a chapter about a 2001 play he took part in. The “Chapter IV” portion has a “coming soon” message attached to it. 

Links To His Work, Photos, And Favorite Websites

Fraser also included a timeline of his movie work, starting in 1998 and going up to 2001. The list includes hit movies like The Mummy, Blast from the Past, Bedazzled, Dudley Do-Right, and The Quiet American

The actor used his website to share his amateur photography skills with fans. The black and white pictures show glimpses of Fraser’s time in Vietnam, where he went to film The Quiet American. Fraser also included some shots from his time in Morocco, where he filmed The Mummy

Fraser’s website gave fans a complete look inside his life, including how he spent his time online during the 2000s. The actor provided a list of links to online games, music sites, and organizations people could donate to. Hilariously, Fraser even provided a link to Google, which launched in 1998. 

The Last Update On Fraser’s Site

The last tab on Fraser’s website shows just how long it’s been since the actor has made any updates. Under “Announcements,” Fraser let his fans know he would be displaying some of his artwork at a photography exhibition in Los Angeles. 

Fraser’s site probably hasn’t seen a lot of use in the last few years; as social media took off, celebrities stopped creating and using personal blogs and websites. Today, fans can look back at the actor’s website and reminisce on what the internet used to be like. 

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