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Black Lives Matter: 5 New Haven, Connecticut Cops Plead Not Guilty To Criminal Charges In Randy Cox Paralysis Case

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Last summer BOSSIP reported on the permanent paralysis of a New Haven, Connecticut man named Richard “Randy” Cox. In a case eerily similar to the incident that cost Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Cox was injured for life after the police van that he was being transported in came to a sudden halt. Because he was not seatbelted or strapped into the van’s bench, the quick stop caused Cox to slide head-first into the door instantly paralyzing him.

According to NHRegister, a new video shows the sudden stop the police van made that caused Cox lifelong injury from the chest down.

Yesterday, New Haven Police Sgt. Betsy Segui, officers Oscar Diaz, Ronald Pressley, Jocelyn Lavandier, and Luis Rivera all pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment and cruelty to persons. In reaction, the family’s attorney Ben Crump took the officers to task.

“Since these five officers failed to take accountability for their actions, they will now have to face a trial, where the prosecution will present the significant evidence against their claims of no guilt,” Crump said. “We are confident that will show just how little humanity Randy was shown and how that contributed to his lifelong, catastrophic injuries.”

Both sides of the $100 million lawsuit argue that the video makes their case. The attorney representing the police van driver (Diaz) says that the car that approached the intersection caused his client to slam on the brakes. On the family’s side, their attorney claims that Diaz was speeding unnecessarily and that Cox should have been strapped into his seat and none of this would have happened if not for police negligence.

We’ll update you on this story as the case proceeds.

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