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Anupama Agnihotri in Red Saree and Bra Combination is too hot to handle

Actress and Influencer, Anupama Agnihotri is a well-known figure to everyone and recently she posted a few pictures of herself in which she can be seen as too hot to handle. Anupama started her career with Govinda’s Rangeela Raja which was a disaster film in the theaters. But she gained popularity from her Instagram handle where she posts hot videos and photos of her from the shoots and her day-to-day life.

The 26 year-old-actress is well known by her followers on her Instagram for her amazing fashion sense and good looks.

Anupama Agnihotri is too hot to handle in a red saree

Recently the actress posted two posts on her Profile in a red saree in which she can be seen in a combination of a blood-red saree and a black cupped bra and fans are going mad after watching the photographs of her.

In these posts, she can be seen in a bare body with only a black bra and a red saree. Anupama Agnihotri has posted three posts in this outfit and all the pictures are simply very hot and glamorous.

The actress has captioned one of her posts with “When I drape a saree, it feels like I’m draping you around me.”

All these posts have thousands of comments and millions of likes. Anupama always posts such pictures to raise the temperature among her fans.

In another post, Anupama Agnihotri can be seen in red colored Monokini and her upper part is only visible.

Anupama Agnihotri / Instagram

The Actress posted these pictures a few weeks back but they have gone viral now and she is looking really very adorable and hot with her sensuous looks in these pictures.

Recently the actress has also updated her profile on Instagram was compromised by some hacker and she had also lodged a complaint about it in Mumbai. She has written a long caption for it too.

“Dear family and friends unfortunately my social media profile compromised by an unknown group of hackers and they have sent and and may continue to send certain offensive messages please don’t let that tarnish the image of the sweet of anupma that you have in your hearts, I have taken corrective actions and filed a complaint with Mumbai police and they have already taken steps of rectify the situation please bear with me during these times and keep me in your good wishes and prayers”

Below there are a few more hottest pictures of Anupama available on the internet.

Anupama Agnihotri monokini

In this cream-colored hot Monokini dress the actress is looking extremely hot and vibrant.

Anupama Agnihotri new hot
Anupama Agnihotri / Instagram

In this hot and vibrant colored- bikini Anupama Agnihotri is looking really very hot to handle and this is one of the most liked pictures of her on Instagram.

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Anupama Agnihotri hot in Bra
Anupama / Instagram

In another picture, the actress is looking tremendously hot and adorable in a pink color-bikini and floral dress. If you don’t know Anupama Agnihotri has done various web-series and has appeared ina few music videos too.


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