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Andrew Tate Sparks Concern With “Matrix” Tweet Following Hospital Visit From Jail

Since Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg found themselves in the midst of a Twitter feud late last year, the controversial figure’s name has been constantly circulating in the media. As you may recall, his video response to the young activist allowed for authorities to confirm his location and subsequently place him under arrest.

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Initially, it was thought that the reality star would remain in custody for a few hours. Now, though, it seems it could be weeks before he sees potential freedom. Both Andrew and his brother Tristan were apprehended and charged with human trafficking, along with a few other men.

As Newsweek notes, the Tate brothers are facing accusations of coercing six women into producing pornography. Their alleged victims were faced with “acts of physical violence and mental coercion.” We presently know that one of the accused is additionally facing sexual assault charges, though it remains unclear who.

While the world awaits answers, an interesting tweet appeared on the podcaster’s account yesterday (January 8). “The Matrix has attacked me,” he wrote. “But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill.”

Beneath his words, Tate included an article to a Romanian website, SpyNews, with an update on his health. The story explains that one of the siblings has already been to the hospital since their December 29 arrest.

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“Yesterday he was taken out of the Central Prison of the Capital Police and taken to a hospital because when he was incarcerated, according to the procedures. He was given a medical examination and the prison doctor asked him if he was suffering from certain ailments,” local journalist Carmina Pricopie reported.

She went on to say, “The attorney for the Tate brothers notified the central detention center and stated that he had certain medical problems. Based on this notification, yesterday he was taken to a specialist consultation in a hospital in the capital.”

Since his field trip outside of the detention centre, the 36-year-old is said to have returned to his holding cell.

The latest reports on the situation come from the Independent. They say that Tate’s attorney is claiming there’s “no evidence for trafficking or sexual assault charges” against the brothers. Additionally, he alleges that the criminal investigation file has “not been made available to [them].”

Check out Twitter’s reaction to Andrew Tate’s December arrest here. Make sure to check back later for more pop culture news updates.

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