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Aahana Kumra revisits childhood memories of Makar Sankranti celebrations

As Makar Sankranti inches closer on January 14, film, actress Aahana Kumra recalls the resplendent festivities that were once a beautiful part of her childhood. The actor who stars in Zee Theatre’s contemporary classic ‘Sir Sir Sarla’, says, “As a child growing up in Uttar Pradesh, I remember my family marking this day as Lohri. We would fly kites together, eat a lot of gajak, til laddoos, and roasted groundnuts and there was such joy and wonder in the air.”

Now that she lives in Mumbai, she enjoys the mix of cultures in the city and says ” When I first came to Mumbai, I lived in a neighborhood where Makar Sankranti was celebrated with gusto.  The city has such a great sense of community and even kite flying is a lovely, shared experience. Some of the fondest memories of my formative years include holding the ‘manjha’ and watching colourful kites battling each other in the sky. Till date, I try my hand at kite flying on Makar Sankranti no matter how busy I may be.”

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