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5 Things Your Global Immigration Program Needs In The New Year – General Immigration

The new year is here, and global immigration programs are more
critical than ever for companies of all sizes.

Global mobility professionals know that in today’s world,
the immigration landscape is constantly changing. Envoy Global
delivers the tools you need to give your company an edge.

With the intelligence gathered from serving thousands of your
colleagues in the industry, we compiled five must-haves for your
global immigration program in 2023.

1. Diligent Immigration Coverage for Your Global Workforce

You and your sponsored employees have a lot to monitor, from
adapting to increased immigration fees in the U.S. to new
immigration opportunities across the globe. As such, widespread
support from your global immigration services provider is more
important than ever.

Envoy’s diligent service and our experienced team of global
immigration professionals help to meet your company’s unique needs with
real-time support


Your dedicated Envoy team provides your foreign national
employees with end-to-end individualized support. Be it questions
on immigration status, case progress, planning global relocation
contingencies and more, Envoy’s legal and customer support
professionals have your workforce covered.

2. Program Connectivity Tailored to Your Organization

For global mobility professionals, the expansion of remote work
opened new doors to access foreign talent, but it created new
challenges that don’t have concrete solutions.

For example, it’s crucial that you keep track of your
employees and ensure your internal immigration data is

Envoy offers a simple and effective
to this challenge by interconnecting your
needs and service through our immigration management platform. With
the ability to seamlessly and securely integrate with popular HR
management software like Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM and
more, our platform generates reliable and transparent data for your
global immigration program.


Your dedicated Envoy team will know of changes to a sponsored
employee’s profile in your HR management platform. They can
immediately review the difference and propose actions if

3. Better Data for Your Global Immigration Program

Your expertise is invaluable in managing your company’s
global immigration program, which is why you need concise and
accurate information in the face of a rapidly changing immigration

When it comes to data, Envoy delivers it precisely, when you need it and how
you need it
. Our platform empowers you with
transparent, real-time data on every aspect of your global
immigration program.


From tracking ongoing cases for your employees to forecasting
your budget, our user-friendly analytics tool gives an individualized view of your global
immigration program.

Envoy’s services are even more profound. Our experienced
team listens to your distinct needs and conducts regular analyses
of your program to deliver comprehensive and personalized

4. Transparent Insights on New Global Opportunities

Along with the hands-on work, global mobility professionals must
keep an eye on the larger immigration landscape. Envoy delivers
unmatched resources on topics ranging from regulatory updates to
global immigration trends to benchmarking insights within the
broader industry.

Envoy’s Passport newsletter gives you tailored insights into
trends that could impact your global immigration program and
highlight new immigration opportunities worldwide. The
HR Strategies Series offers helpful practice
pointers for HR
and global mobility teams to
enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their
organization’s program.

With the accumulated intelligence of our experienced legal
professionals and industry insiders, Envoy’s blogs, videos,
webinars and reports are the go-to place for tangible solutions in
corporate immigration.

5. Experienced Immigration Professionals that Understand Your
Unique Needs

Fast-moving companies need experienced immigration support,
which is why we work with two of the top immigration law firms in
the U.S. – Global Immigration Associate (GIA) and Corporate
Immigration Partners (CIP).

If you’re moving talent outside the U.S., Envoy’s
experienced team of global immigration professionals supports companies from our worldwide


What brings our team together is our commitment to providing the
best possible experience for our customers and everyone involved
with the immigration process at their organizations. The Envoy team
is constantly thinking ahead and anticipating new solutions and
opportunities for the companies and employees we serve.

When building out your global immigration program in 2023,
utilize a global immigration platform like Envoy Global to help you
and your company flourish.

Originally published 6 January 2023

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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